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AIM Technology windows and viewports are designed to help customers unobtrusively observe and analyze flow within the process. Our windows come with many customizable options such as window material, mounting methods, illumination, and “smart” window analysis capabilities. The “smart” windows can be used to observe and monitor flow characteristics such as temperature and pressure, as well as providing access to visual observation of the flow. AIM Technology also provides the option to mount an “EnviroCam” vision analysis module to the “smart” window. The “EnviroCam” uses the Labview platform along with our proven software to make sure all of your needs are met. This allows for remote observation, verification, recording and analysis in real time to greatly expand your process control capabilities. The addition of the “EnviroCam” module allows for computer analysis and automation to control the on-going process remotely. Our “Smart” viewports along with the “EnviroCam” vision analysis module are capable of monitoring:

  • Flow Rate
  • Bubble analysis
  • Particulate analysis
  • Biomass analysis
  • Temperature
  • Pressure
  • Color change
  • Corrosion rates
  • Cavitation

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