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Vision-based Measurement System


AIM Technology’ vision measurement system is the premier tool in our inspection toolbox.  As a vision-based measurement system, it makes no contact with the components being inspected – ideal for fragile materials and maintaining pristine surface finishes. On rare occasions, it is necessary or desired to use a CMM-type touch probe for a specific feature, and the vision measurement system has the ability to do that as well.

AIM Technology system can be programmed and automated to measure any and all dimensions that you may require, including linear measurements, diameters, radii, flatness, concentricity and eccentricity, perpendicularity and parallelism, angles, chamfers, and more. Our system can be used to measure dimensions with an accuracy of up to 0.0001”. Our systems camera can also take detailed photographs and measurements with up to 300X magnification.

Inspection routines are programmed, proven, and saved, making future inspections a breeze.  We have programs that inspect as many as 100 components in a single run, depending on part size.  This is a great asset for components requiring 100% inspection, and when capturing measurement data for analysis or publication. Inspections come with an easy-to-read detailed quality report for your analysis. 

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