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  • Back-lit AIMACAM used to monitor and analyze bubble characteristics for laboratory or in process use. This system can be automated to control your process.

    Backlit AIMACAM
    Ideal for bubble analysis

  • Front-lit AIMACAM for  viewing and monitoring corrosion growth over time. This system is ideal for seeing solid objects in clear and translucent fluids

    Frontlit AIMACAM
    Ideal for monitoring corrosion

  • The flow cell AIMACAM is made to be an inline process analysis tool that can be added to a side stream or process pipeline for the monitoring and analysis of fluids.

    Flow Cell AIMACAM
    Ideal for flow velocity analysis

The AIMACAM - Analysis Automation and Control of Your Process

The AIMACAM is a vision system that utilizes a camera, optics, and lighting that can be directly inserted into your process, pipelines, and chambers to monitor and analyze characteristics such as bubble size and density, flow velocity, corrosion and more. The Custom and Pro Series AIMACAM can be integrated to your automation system to control process parameters.

Applications and Capabilities

Bubble Analysis

The AIMACAM can be used to monitor bubble size, volume, surface area, distribution and Sauter Mean. It can measure up to 25,000 bubbles in 30 seconds for bubbles as small as 40 microns in size. Check out our Back-lit and Flow Cell models.

Corrosion Monitoring

The Front-lit AIMACAM model is ideal for identifying corrosion within your process. It can monitor corrosion on a surface traveling up to 100mph with a resolution down to 0.001".

Biomass Analysis

The AIMACAM can monitor the effectiveness of coagulant-flocculant reagents on aerobic granular biomass in waste water treatment. Check out our Back-lit and Flow Cell models.

Flow Velocity Analysis

The Pro Series Flow Cell AIMACAM can monitor flow velocity in clear and translucent fluids without impeding the flow. This system uses first order analysis to increase accuracy.This system automatically accounts for changes in viscosity and temperature.

Process Control

Software enables output signal to interface with your DeltaV, ProcessLogix or PLC used for automation; thereby controlling heaters, valves, power supplies, chemical additives, stirrers, impellers etc.. All models can be made to utilize this feature.

Opaque Fluids

The Pro Series C Model Back-lit Flow Cell AIMACAM can see through opaque fluids as if they were as clear as water - ideal for use in crude oil and other petrochemical processes.

Harsh Environments

The AIMACAMPro Series models feature a robust design, ideal for high temperature and high pressure applications as well as mechanically abusive and corrosive environments. The AIMACAM can meet the requirements of a Class 1/Div 1 or Class 1/Div 2 specification.


As an optional upgrade, the Pro Series AIMACAM can incorporate automatic articulation, light source, cleaning, zoom, focus and iris. Articulation can be accurate to within a fraction of a degree.


Entry Level (EL)

The standard EL series AIMACAM product line features a reliable, yet cost effective design - ideal for viewing and monitoring laboratory test samples.


The Pro Series AIMACAM features a robust design that allows for real time monitoring, analysis and control of your process in harsh, high temperature, high pressure, corrosive, and mechanically abusive environments.


The AIMACAM team offers a customizable AIMACAM that can be fine tuned and tailored to your specific application. This includes custom automation and articulation, process control, mounting options and much more!

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