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smart windows and viewports for analyzing and monitoring flow properties in the process

“Smart” Windows and Viewports

AIM Technology “Smart” Illuminated Viewports incorporate temperature and/or pressure sensors into their viewports. This integration of visual, temperature, and/or pressure monitoring of the on-going process allows for the observation of these three vital characteristics simultaneously.

Our “Smart” Illuminated Viewports are designed with the option to incorporate our EnviroCam in-process vision analysis system module. This allows for remote observation, verification, recording and analysis in real time, which greatly expands your process control capabilities. The addition of the “ Aimacam ” module allows for computer analysis and automation to control the on-going process remotely.

Our “Smart” viewports are capable of monitoring:

  • Flow Rate
  • Bubble Analysis
  • Particulate Analysis
  • Biomass Analysis
  • Temperature
  • Pressure
  • Color Change
  • Corrosion Rates
  • Cavitation

In many cases these systems can be made non-intrusive to avoid affecting the process flow. This detailed analysis of your flow can be used to maximize efficiency, improve yields, and identify potential problems with the deterioration of equipment such as pumps, heaters, and spargers etc.  

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