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AIM Technology offers Solidworks model and engineering drawing generation, as well as model prototyping and machining.

Our experts utilize a highly precise non-contact visual measurement system to provide you with an accurate inspection report.

As one of our environmental testing services, we offer our unique ability to perform helium leak checks over a wide range of temperatures.

We offer our many in-house manufacturing services such as critical assembly, brazing, welding, metal joint testing, and deburring. 

AIM Technology offers its many services as a job shop to help you with any of your products, from design and model prototyping, to testing and inspecting, to final production. We have a wide variety of equipment, and our engineers are here to help with any challenges you may face.

Design Engineering – Our engineering staff has a wide variety of tools to help ensure that your design is the best design. We offer Solidworks model generation, as well as engineering drawings. In addition, our on-site machine shop is capable of creating prototype units and fixturing to help test your designs.

Inspection – At AIM Technology, we offer a wide variety of quality inspection capabilities. We can perform detailed dimensional and visual inspections, metallographic sectioning, and, when necessary, First Article Inspections. Our inspection is second to none with the use of our camera-based vision measurement system. As an automated vision-based measurement system, it makes no contact with the components being inspected – ideal for fragile materials and maintaining pristine surface finishes. Inspection routines are programmed, proven, and saved, making future inspections a breeze.  We have programs that inspect as many as 100 components in a single run, depending on part size.  This is a great asset for components requiring 100% inspection. Manual visual inspections are also available for identification of surface flaws and imperfections.

Environmental Testing - AIM Technology offers standard environmental testing as well as several unique capabilities such as thermal cycling and simultaneous helium leak detection. We can check for hermeticity at various temperatures to ensure that your product remains hermetic throughout its end use environments. We can also introduce controlled and monitored humidity during the testing if desired.  The temperature gradient is also variable and the overall programmable algorithms can be customized to your specifications.  AIM Technology can also design, build and test hermetic OEM fixturing from a single nest to a manifold with multiple stations.

Manufacturing – As another service to our customers, we offer our expertise in assembly and manufacturing. AIM Technology assembly processes are all performed in a clean, contaminant-free environment. We also have a static-controlled assembly room and a limited-access assembly room with independently filtered air for critical assembly, brazing preparation, and epoxy processing. At AIM Technology, it is integral in our processes to establish and maintain specification control during the design, procurement, and assembly. At every step in the process, we verify compliance to the product documentation package. We also have a wide variety of metal joining tools including vacuum brazing, inert atmosphere brazing, micro TIG welding, micro torch welding, and electrical resistance welding. We can also test these joints to ensure a stable hermetic joint. In addition, AIM Technology offers its deburring capabilities. Our deburring technicians specialize in the removal of burrs from machined, casted, or molded parts. We can also remove chars and minimize surface imperfections in your components.

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