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Protective casings for optical devices to shield them from their environment and increase operating temperature and conditions.

Protective Sensor Sheaths

AIM Technology protective sensor sheaths provide protection to optical sensors with environmental restrictions. AIM Technology protective sheathss are made from a variety of chemically inert materials such as 316SS, Hastelloy, Titanium, and high purity alumina ceramic to allow operation in chemically harsh environments. Sheaths with self-contained gas or liquid circulation systems can be used to control temperature. This allows for ideal operating conditions for temperature sensitive sensors. Sheaths are made out of mechanically robust materials to allow for a wide array of operating pressures, while remaining hermetically sealed. Sheaths are designed for specific applications to meet your requirements. The result is an exceptional protective sheath for sensors and optical devices with environmental restrictions.


Extended operating temperature:
-100ºC to +500ºC

Extended operating pressure:
High Vacuum to 10,000psi

1E-9 Std. cc/sec He, Increased corrosion resistance - Protects against acids, strong alkalis, or organic solvents.

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