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AIM Optical products are designed and manufactured to maintain an environmentally sealed enclosure that will perform under the harshest of environmental conditions. All of our products are made from premium components and materials manufactured in the USA.

AIM Technology optical products include:
• Probes – AIM Technology probes can withstand high and cryogenic temperatures as well as corrosive and abrasive atmospheres. While synthetic sapphire is the window material of choice for most AIM Technology probe applications, other window materials are available when required such as UV grade fused silica, fused quartz, and borosilicate glass.

• Protective Sensor Sheaths – AIM Technology protective sensor sheaths are used to house and protect sensitive sensors in harsh environments. AIM Technology sheaths are made out of mechanically robust and chemically durable materials to allow for excellent performance over a wide range of operating temperatures and pressures, while remaining hermetically sealed.

• Illuminated Sensor Housings – AIM Technology Illuminated sheaths have integrated directional lighting within the hermetically sealed protected interior of the sheath. The light is projected out of the sealed sheath through a hermetically sealed window into the application environment. Typical window material selections include sapphire, UV fused silica, fused quartz, or borosilicate glass. This method of illumination significantly expands the capabilities of optical sensors, laser based process instruments, and video system.

• Optoelectronic Packages – The majority of AIM Technology optoelectronic packages utilize high purity synthetic sapphire. This permits high percentage transmission levels of light frequencies from ultraviolet through visible to near infra-red. Our high purity sapphire is an extremely strong, scratch resistant and chemically durable window material. AIM Technology ’s synthetic sapphire windows are vacuum brazed to a variety of off-the-shelf housing enclosures. Alternatively, our optoelectronic packages can be designed by our engineering team and manufactured to meet your specific application requirements. When required, other window materials are available such as UV grade fused silica, fused quartz, and borosilicate glass.

• Gas Cooled Shrouds – AIM Technology gas cooled shrouds provide an ideal hermetically sealed environment for your probe and sensor applications. This allows your probes to operate at an ideal temperature and pressure in a corrosive-free environment. AIM Technology ’s gas cooled shrouds maximize your probe and sensor performance, while extending their operational range and life. These shrouds can be used to control temperature not only for cooling, but for heating as well.

• Liquid Cooled Shrouds – AIM Technology liquid cooled shrouds increase the range of operating conditions for optical probes and sensors that are operation limited for an application. Often times the cooling liquid is an easily accessible means of cooling, as it is already being used in other parts of the process. In addition,liquid cooling can be done in a closed loop system when a chiller is employed. These shrouds can be used to control temperature not only for cooling, but for heating as well.

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