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AIM Technology metallographic laboratory includes image analysis for the determination and evaluation of surface and internal flaws, microstructural features of metallic and ceramic microstructures, contaminant inclusions, weld penetration, fracture analysis and intergranular corrosion. A microscopic evaluation shows evidence of processing history such as mechanical stress formation, thermal treatment, galvanic corrosion, corrosion, parent metal defects, and impurities. Metallurgical analysis findings and results are documented using digital imaging microscopes with optical magnification capabilities from 7X to 1000X. AIM Technology’s metallurgical lab is equipped with a variety of B & L sterAIM Technologyscopic microscopes fitted with digital microphotographic systems, Leitz metallurgical sterAIM Technologymicroscope, a Leitz metallograph, and a high magnification non-contact vision measuring system.

At AIM Technology we believe the most important process in quality metallurgical analysis and testing is test sample preparation. Specimens are mounted and prepared in our metallurgical lab using ambient and elevated temperature mounting techniques. AIM Technology has precision Buehler and Leco metallurgical diamond saw cutting systems, and a variety of Buehler diamond grinding and polishing equipment as well as micro etching capability when required.

AIM Technology utilizes liquid dye penetrant inspection as a method of finding near-surface flaws in products and component parts. Liquid dye penetrant is a reliable and reproducible industry accepted method for surface flaw detection. Liquid dye penetrant inspection can be successfully performed on products made from non-porous materials such as metal, glass, and ceramics. Liquid penetrant inspection is performed to ASTM E1417 and MIL specifications. Both water-washable and post-emulsifiable fluorescent penetrants are available in sensitivity levels 2, 3 and 4. AIM Technology also has a variety of helium mass spectrometer leak detectors that can determine leaks related to porosity down to macro levels. 

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