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Metal Joining

Metal Joining AIM Technology has over forty years of metal joining expertise to help resolve your metal joining issues. EO offers a wide variety of metal joining techniques. EO has a proven record of success in the metal joining processes and the application of time-proven formalized joining procedures. In addition, EO’s engineering staff can help support your company in the designing of component assemblies to be joined. We will recommend what the most appropriate andcost-effective joining processes are to meet your application requirements.
AIM Technology joining capabilities include:
• High-temperature vacuum brazing
• High-temperature inert brazing
• Micro torch brazing
• Micro TIG welding
• Electrical resistance spot welding
AIM Technology has in-house support testing services to ensure the quality and reproducibility of our joining processes

• Helium leak Detection
• Liquid dye penetrant testing
• On-site Metallurgical Test Lab
• Metallurgical R & D Team
• Conformance to AMS, AWS and MIL-STD Specifications .

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