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Quality Inspection and Analysis


At AIM Technology, we offer a wide variety of quality inspection capabilities. We can perform detailed dimensional and visual inspections, metallographic sectioning, and, when necessary, First Article Inspections.

Our First article inspections can satisfy the AS9102 Aerospace standard, or any customer-specific proprietary format as required. We adhere to a wide array of MIL-STDs for all of our customers’ needs. Our inspection is second to none with the use of our camera-based vision measurement system. As a vision-based measurement system, it makes no contact with the components being inspected – ideal for fragile materials and maintaining pristine surface finishes. Inspection routines are programmed, proven, and saved, making future inspections a breeze.  We have programs that inspect as many as 100 components in a single run, depending on part size.  This is a great asset for components requiring 100% inspection, and when capturing measurement data for analysis or publication. Inspections come with an easy-to-read detailed quality report for your analysis. On rare occasions, it is necessary or desired to use a CMM touch probe for a specific feature, and our vision measurement system has that ability as well.

AIM Technology also offers detailed visual inspections for components that are required to have no scratches, bumps, dings, nicks, broken edges, etc... For such components we offer our deburring services per the customer’s request. We offer a variety of deburring methods including hand deburring, tumbling, sandblasting, and glass bead blasting.  

Inspection capabilities include:
• Vision-based measurement system
• CMM touch probe
• Standard mechanical measurement tools: (Regularly calibrated and certified by third party testing laboratory)

  1. Micrometers
  2. Comparator
  3. Drop gauges
  4. Height gauges
  5. Pin gauge sets
  6. Thread gauge sets

• Microscopes & Cameras (up to 300X mag)
• Metallographic Tooling

  1. B & L stereoscopic microscopes fitted with digital microphotographic systems
  2. Leitz metallurgical stereomicroscope
  3. Leitz metallograph
  4. Liquid dye penetrant inspection

• Deburring (as requested) 

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