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LED illuminated viewports for seeing into a process or flow

Illuminated Viewports

AIM Technology “Illuma-Vu” illuminated viewports utilize either LEDs or fiber optic lighting systems. These illuminated viewports have been designed to provide a low reflective source of lighting to generate and maximize high contrast images. Existing viewport lighting systems are ineffective since a majority of the light is reflected off of the window sightglass. The ‘Illuma-Vu” LED light system is composed of multiple LEDs that provide a ring of light around a central sightwindow. AIM Technology fiber optic“Illuma-Vu” uses only high quality fiber optic light pipes to guide the light from our light source to a toroidal shaped ring of illumination. The “Illuma-Vu” illuminated viewports are energy efficient, exhibit long life, and provide a maintenance free viewing of the process

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