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High voltage Feedthroughs


AIM Technology high voltage gas tight hermetically sealed feedthroughs are used in vacuum, pressure and corrosive environment applications. AIM Technology ‘s high voltage terminal sealed feedthroughs are utilized where a high voltage has to pass through a vessel wall or environmentally sealed enclosure. Our high voltage feedthroughs can withstand a range of operating environments, including vacuums from 1E-10 Torr to pressures of 10,000 psi. AIM Technology ’s Hermacrimp high voltage and proprietary polymeric insulated wire feedthroughs can operate up to 10kV-DC. Our hi-voltage feedthrough seals are designed in a variety of body housing designs and sizes for easy and reliable installation. AIM Technology high voltage feedthrough product family offers a selection of solid materials such as molybdenum, kovar, and nickel conductors. Housing materials include kovar, nickel, and Hastelloy C-276, which are available with plating finishes of nickel and gold. AIM Technology hi-voltage pass-through seals are designed in a variety of standard off-the-shelf body housings, as well as conductor configurations and sizes for an easy and reliable installation. We are also happy to design and manufacture custom high voltage feedthrough configurations and sizes to meet your particular requirements.

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