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Standard viewport for viewing into a process flow environment

Glass-to-Metal Windows and Viewports

AIM Technology hermetically sealed window assemblies utilize either glass-to-kovar sealing technology or “O” ring or metal “C” ring mechanical seals. All window assemblies exhibit a maximum leak rate of 1x10-9 Std. cc/sec He. All window and viewport are supplied with window faces which have been finished to standards suitable for the majority of applications. Window glass materials include Pyrex 7740, 7052 glass, and fused silica (quartz). Other types of window materials are available upon request. Glass and fused silica are available with an optional anti-reflective coatings. Metal flanges and body materials include stainless steel types 304 and 316, Hastelloy C276, titanium, nickel, Kovar, and copper. Viewport are available in a choice of mountings including Tube, CF Type Flange, and a wide variety of flange mounts.

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