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Gas cooled shroud to increase the operating range of temperatures for optical sensors

Gas Cooled Shrouds

AIM Technology gas cooled shrouds create an increased range of operating conditions for standard optical probes. Standard probes are limited to relatively low temperature and mild environmental conditions. By enclosing such probes in concentric air-cooled shrouds, their operating conditions can be greatly expanded. Shrouds have self-contained gas circulation systems that are used to control the temperature surrounding the sensitive components and sensor systems. This allows for ideal operating conditions in harsh environments.

Gas cooling eliminates the facility requirements and leak hazards of water-cooled probes. Low gas flow rates have been demonstrated to maintain a probe at less than 100°C, while being immersed in a 600°C quiescent environment. In addition, gas cooling can be done with much higher flow velocities than liquid cooling. This is because gas flow presents less momentum than liquid flow, resulting in greater efficiency. Shrouds are designed with a variety material choices and flow rates to specifically satisfy all of your application requirements.

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