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Environmental Testing


AIM Technology specializes in environmental testing for our customers such as thermal cycling and simultaneous helium leak detection. Our test chambers can accommodate a volumetric capacity of up to 5 cu-ft, and can perform hermeticity checks over a wide range of temperatures. This is especially crucial for assemblies that will be used at extreme temperature ranges. We have found that products and their components may actually leak at extreme temperatures, and yet regain their hermeticity when returning to ambient conditions. This can cause the helium leak detection to present misleading passing results at ambient conditions while in fact they lose hermeticity at extreme temperatures. At AIM Technology we can check for hermeticity at various temperatures to ensure that your product remains hermetic throughout its end use environments.

We can also introduce controlled and monitored humidity during the testing if desired.  The temperature gradient is also variable and the overall programmable algorithms can be customized to your specifications.  AIM Technology can also design, build and test hermetic OEM fixturing from a single nest to a manifold with multiple stations.  An easy-read, dashboard-type printout of the testing results can be compiled and made into an electronic format such as a PDF file for your convenience. 

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