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EnviroCam Vision Analysis System

Temperature Monitoring Sensors

Windows and Viewports

Sealed Electrical Feedthroughs

Optical Probes, Housings and Accessories

Custom Temperature Monitoring Sensors

Let EnvirOptics partner with you to develop an in-process monitoring and production control system that has proven reliability. The integration of our instrumentation can help you improve your production yields, consistency, and reproducibility. Let us help you reduce production costs with our state-of-the-art equipment.

In-Process Monitoring, Analysis, and Control

EnvirOptics is an integrator of in-process instrumentation that can be used to analyze and monitor your process as well as control it

Non-intrusive, in-process vision analysis system for monitoring and controlling bubble size, flow velocity, particulate, biomass and more

Windows and Viewports for viewing of the processn with optional LED lighting and a wide variety of mounting options

Optics and probes for insertion into the process with protective, illuminated, and cooled sheaths

Temperature Monitoring Sensors

From a wide variety of standard thermocouples and RTDs to high performance, hermetically sealed, harsh environment, corrosion resistant custom temperature monitoring sensors

Reliable thermocouples and RTDs at great prices with a variety of customizable options

Customize your own thermocouple or RTD, or have us design one for you

Hermetic Sealing Technology

Our hermetically sealed feedthroughs and packages use a wide array of tested and proven sealing technologies

Proven and reliable hermetically sealed electrical feedthroughs for harsh environments

Sealed windows and viewports for viewing into a process

Environmentally sealed probes and shrouds for illuminating and protecting optical and electronic sensors

Optical Components

A wide array of optical products including protective and illuminated shrouds, probes, windows viewports and accessories

Our optical probes can be used in the harshest of environments with optional illumination and highly durable sapphire windows

Windows and viewports for illuminating and observing into a process with customizable mounting and lighting options

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